Hello world!

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve finally decided to set up a blog, after much heel digging, grizzling and self-absorbed complaints! Given that I’m a writer, one would think I would have relished the idea of putting my ‘precious’ words out in the public arena. I guess that’s the point, as writers we can be very ‘precious’ about our work, and of course it has nothing to do with my commitment phobia đŸ™‚

Despite this, I’ve realised that being a writer is very much about marketing yourself and I’m excited to explore my voice through this new medium on some of my favourite topics. Ultimately, this blog may include a fairly eclectic mix of musings but my predominate focus will be on giving a voice to social justice issues through literature. This is what I’m passionate about and I hope that you will come on the journey with me as I explore topics from wars, to domestic violence in my writing. I also plan to lighten it up a little in the not to distant future by deviating from contemporary writing and exploring other genres such as speculative fiction.

This blog is in the very early stages of development so please bear with me while, as my daughter always like to point out, I try not to ‘repel the technology’.

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