Genocide by another name

So disturbed by this story that I read in the Sydney Morning Herald today (see below link). Patriarchal societies in which men believe they have the right to take their child’s life because they feel they have been dishonored is nothing more than extreme self-absorbed chauvinism. Just because we give life to our children does not mean that we have the right to take their lives the moment they do something which we disagree with. In all cultures, parents control their children to varying degrees and to a certain extent cultural influences should be respected, but not to the point of condoning barbaric measures such as honour killings. While most of us would agree that such ‘family cleansing’ could arguably be considered the sister of genocide how do we find the fine line between embracing and honouring our diverse cultures without resorting to killing in its name?

Enraged father beheads daughter with sword in honour killing via @smh

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