Srebrenica massacre remembered but have we learned?

The massacre of over 11,000 people in Srebrenica has been remembered around the world as one of the worst cases of mass genocide since WWII. The families of those victims will never forget, nor will the people of Bosnia. How sad it is, that despite proclamations from international governments that this ethnic cleansing will not be forgotten, nor should it ever be repeated, that we are once again witnessing similar atrocities in Syria.

Kofi Annan claimed on the 5th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre that,’The tragedy of Srebrenica will forever haunt the history of the United Nations.’ Evidently, the murder of thousands, attempted genocide of a race and generations, and the displacement of millions of Bosnian muslims was not ‘haunting’ enough. What will it take? It was those massacres, and the Balkan conflict that drove me to write Not Like My Mother. I wanted to ensure the voices of Balkan victims were not lost, and I will continue to find their stories and remember them through my books. It is my way of not forgetting.






One thought on “Srebrenica massacre remembered but have we learned?

  1. Yes, so it seems that a lot forget. I like that you are the voice for many. A voice that brings back the reality of our world and a voice that reminds us of the strength among our people. Let us not forget…

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