Has anyone seen my Mojo?

I mentioned the other day that I was experiencing ‘writer’s block’. For months now I have been procrastinating instead of actually writing which is very frustrating and disappointing. I keep telling myself that I work long days in the Corporate sector sitting in front of a computer writing and reviewing reports, planning strategies and communication plans, so naturally the last thing I want to do is drive the 1 hour plus distance home arriving typically after 7pm, get dinner on for the family, do the household chores and then sit back down in front of a computer again at about 9.30pm to don my creative cap and start writing again! Right? Well hang on a minute, that is exactly how I wrote my first book, so what’s different now? Here are my list of excuses  – please feel free to chastise me.

1. I’m bloody tired!

Response: You were tired when you wrote your first book, so suck it up Princess.

2. I’m brain dead by 9.30pm.

Response: Have a coke and a mars bar – sugar does wonders for the brain.

3. I can’t possibly write when there’s so much housework to be done.

Response: You will always find something to clean because you are a clean freak so ignore the mess and write. Something’s got to give.

4. I’m struggling switching from my work brain to my creative brain.

Response: Put some effort into planning which will help with the creative process (but I’m not a planner…shut up and do it).

5. Every time I sit in front of a computer it feels like work.

Response: Write the old-fashioned way, or sit in bed with the laptop.

6. I need to spend time with my kids.

Response: Your kids are grown up and don’t think it’s cool to hang out with Mum anymore.

7. I just want to chill out.

Response: You used to think writing was chilling out.

8. I’ve forgotten where I’m up to with the plot which means I’ll have to reread several chapters to remind myself and given I only have a couple of hours to write before I nod off over my keyboard – why bother?!

Response: Always finish off on a section where you know you’ll be able to pick up easily again and leave a note on what you plan to write next.

9. I’m not inspired which means anything I write will be crap and won’t be worth reading, so again, why bother?

Response: Because you can edit crap but you can’t edit nothing.

10. I earn so much more in the Corporate sector than I ever will as a writer so isn’t that where my focus should be?

Response: It’s not about the money it’s about doing what you love and are passionate about (but I need to survive…stop buying shoes and eat 2 minute noodles).

I could go on, but you get the idea. I’m curious to hear whether anyone else has the same excuses and how you overcome them. Despite the above responses to my excuses I am still managing to indulge in procrastination. Not one to give up,  I have consulted a hypnotist on a friend’s recommendation. Yes, you read correctly, a hypnotist. Watch this space for my next blog on how a chicken learns to write.

P.S it is not lost upon me that the time I spent writing this post I could have spent working on one of my manuscripts.

3 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my Mojo?

  1. Darling get out of your head and into your writing…..it will happen when you allow it…..as you have rightly explained there are so many excuses…..but ….you will write….go to it woman…..xxx

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